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Double Height Living Room

Extend Wooden Elements and Rich Colors in the Interior Design of Double-Height Living Rooms

Although this home is smaller than the first, it appears larger due to the high ceiling and huge windows. The designer was able to incorporate a chic-mounted bookshelf because of the additional room provided by the high ceiling. The spherical coffee tables that nest are a lovely addition. The only difference between the ceiling and the floorboards is that the ceiling is white, which makes for a pleasing combination. The aesthetic of the monochromatic colour scheme is attractive, and the ladder going to the upper stories is up-to-date and stylish. The big area next to the staircase is decorated with a print of a tree, which gives the room depth and unites all the organic components.

This living room's double height was utilised to figuratively add an accent wall to the space. While maintaining privacy from the outside, the residents may still take in the 3-D vista provided by the glass walls. Living rooms with double heights frequently have the issue of the upper and lower regions appearing disconnected. The two sections were masterfully connected by the designer using wooden components, resulting in a single environment that harmoniously integrates all the varied components. The room's furnishings, notably the Scandinavian chairs and exposed windows, blends well with the warm wooden panelling. The homeowner's guests will be envious of the unique accent walls that were made using wooden slats. In the otherwise neutral setting, the yellow modern accent chairs really stand out. In order to create a visually spectacular space in this room, the designer expertly utilised the particular construction of the house. This idea may now be fully realised thanks to the living room's double height, which eliminates the limitations of a conventional ceiling. The surrounding landscape can be viewed through the room's large french windows, and the high ceiling gives the space a light, airy appearance. It's almost as though you can breathe in the crisp country air without